Phillips Classics


Seafood Feast

Time to Indulge

Year after year, our guests return again and again to feast on our Clam Bake for Two for special occasions.

When this overflowing pot of fresh steamed seafood makes it to your table, the whole night takes on a celebratory turn.  Mere dining becomes an event and an experience to remember.

Dining with a group?  Feast family-style, complete with cocktail sauce and hot drawn butter for dipping.  Need to scale it back for just one person?  Try our Captain’s Catch!


Get ready to dive in and get your hands dirty! We pack five different types of seafood into one big pot—think you’ll be able to finish it all?

  • Two Whole Lobsters, filled with succulent meat

  • Snow Crab Legs, mouthwatering when dipped in drawn butter

  • Steamed Shrimp, ready for cocktail sauce

  • Clams & Mussels, steamed to perfection

  • Potatoes & Corn on the Cob

Tie on a lobster bib and dig in!

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