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Our Hoopers Island crab cakes are handmade and hand-perfected using our time-tested Phillips family recipe. 

To end up with the most delicious crab cakes, we start with only the best quality crab meat.  We fold the chilled crab into a classic Maryland-style sauce accented by hints of tangy mustard, zesty lemon, seafood seasonings and a touch of butter.

After portioning, they’re ready to be broiled or fried until golden.  We serve them up with tartar sauce or a slightly spicy rémoulade. 


Love our crab cakes and want to make them for your next gathering at home?  Use Shirley Phillips’ recipe as a guideline to create your own “secret” family recipe!   

Here are some tips to make your crab cakes shine:

  • Choose only the finest quality crab meat
  • Handle the meat gently to keep all the large lumps intact
  • Use premium ingredients such as Hellmann's mayonnaise 
  • Allow your cakes to “set” in the refrigerator for 1 hour
  • Pan sauté, broil or fry to golden perfection
  • Enjoy with classic tartar and a plump wedge of lemon


The best crab cakes are made gently by hand.

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